Is Jon Weaver about?


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I only ask bcuz I wood like no how he is gettin on wiv his creakin Tosh / Toshes.I got as far as the bit where he woz hopin 4 a 50" 2 replace his 42" which he had sent bac coz it creaked but wuz NOT happy with the dirty set he had bac and they were sending him a new 42"........ I do like 2 keep up 2date with Jons troubles.

Jon Weaver

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Seems I have a stalker :)

Its wasn't the fact that it was dirty that I was so worried about.. It was fact that it had clocked up atleast 132 hours since it was rest (And who knows how many hours before) that p**sed me off.. That means that it was set on a test bench continuously running for 5.5 days and in my mind, thats nothing short of abuse!

I got a letter today saying that I am getting my 'new' replacement on Monday...

I currently have my original (but dirty) screen and whilst it still creaks a little, it does seem better than it was. But whether it was worth the hastle of sending it back for 2 months, I am not sure!

Hopefully the new one won't introduce any new problems (i.e buzzing or dead pixels).. My fingers are crossed..

To be honest, I am actually quite happy to get a replacement.. My original screen had a kind of dead pixel. It is actually something trapped between the layers of the screen. If you move left and right, the pixel appears and disappears. Fortunatly, its not visible from a seating position, but I am obviously happy to get it sorted.

Toshiba didn't react to my 'joke' about upgrading to a 50" model, which was a shame, but not unexpected.. All they have offered me for my trouble is an extra year warantee.. However, when I said that this gives me 3 years, they were confused, as Toshibas standard period is only 1 year on their Plasma (Which is in direct contradiction to many Plamsa suppliers)

I double checked this with the Service Manager and was told that Toshiba are aware that some suppliers are giving a 2 year warantee, but its not sanctioned (or provided) by Toshiba.. Toshiba only give ONE year!

So, for all my trouble, I am getting a new plasma and 2 year warantee, starting on Monday!
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