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Is it worth using CT100 satellite cable between my FM aerial and my receiver?


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I have an Arcam AVR350, and a 7(?) element aerial in my loft. Cambridge isn't a brilliant reception area, but there is an FM transmitter about 5 miles away (Madingley), albeit a very low-powered one.

The AVR350 is a recent upgrade from a Denon 3805 - with this, FM reception was pretty good. FM on the Arcam is noticeably noisier - there is a level of background hiss and burble on stereo signals that is largely inaudible over music, but is definitely there on speech. The Denon did a better job of suppressing this, but past experience of Arcam tuners suggests they require a very strong signal to give of their best.

With this in mind, the other weekend I rewired the aerial, getting rid of all the junction plates and flyleads, so I have a single run of coax direct from the aerial to the socket on the back of the tuner. It's improved things a bit, but not as much as I'd hoped. I just used standard low-loss 75ohm coax from Maplin.

Is it worth replacing this with CT100 satellite cable, which is what I use for the run from my DTV aerial to my PVR? Would that be likely to up the signal strength significantly and cut the background noise, or would it be unlikely to have an effect? I've not seen anyone recommending CT100 for FM, but it is 75ohm, so in theory it should be ok.


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We use ct100 or better on all our systems,however the problem you have is your aerial is indoors,roofs can sheild up to 50% of the signal,try if possible to mount outside for full quieting from your tuner section.
Also if possible try to meter align your aerial to the strongest transmitter,this will give best results.




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If you have burble as well as hiss, the signal might be too strong.
I recently spent hours adjusting aerials & boosters, trying to get rid of noise on an Acoustic Solutions SP111. Eventually, I took the tuner into the loft, disconnected the booster and 3 element dipole and connected the tape dipole which had been feeding the kitchen radio. This background noise virtually disappead.
Even with the atmospehric pressure reducing, there is hardly any background noise.
Those tape aerials cost about £4 from DIY shops and can work well if orientated correctly.
Worth a try, perhaps.

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