Is it worth upgrading....


To a dedicated processor from my pioneer ax3 receiver?

I currently have a rotel 1075 was thinking of a rotel 1068/98,or any other suggestions?

Just wondering really if it is a viable upgrade?



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I moved from a 2011 to a lexicon DC1 with a 1075 on the centre & rears and kept my valve hifi amps on the fronts and I found the improvement, once I had played with all the various settings on the DC1, to be considerable.


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I was expecting to pay about £300 and did buy one from dealer for £400 but he shipped it in such poor packaging that it got damaged in transit so I sent it back, it was quite fortunate really because I then found an imaculate one complete with V4 software and manuals etc for £200 !! Took a few months to come up though. The big downside of the DC1 is that there is no audio bypass or 5.1 analogue input and its not that great for music but for DVD its brilliant for the money they sell for now.
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