Is it worth upgrading my speakers for RXV361 amp


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Dec 27, 2007
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Hi all, I bought 2 years back the RX v361 with the NSP-110 5.1 speaker pack. I wasn't all that impressed with the sound, but was short of funds. Generally I find the sound quite tinny especially of voices & generally quite weak. I read at the time the amp was good for the price, but the speaker were the weak link. Is this the case & is there any value in buying a set of better speakers. I typically use the amp for my Sky TV & PS3 mainly for DVD's.

Any advice would be great. I thought about hawking on ebay until I found something that fit the bill.

P.s I found the firmware upgrade for the amp that fixed the optical sound issues a while back.

The 3 series Yamaha is the bottom of the range reciever but I still feel better speakers will get more from it than you currently are. What budget would you have for the upgrade? If funds are limited you could just upgrade the front 3 to start and then add the others later.
Thanks PSM1, I don't really have a budget within reason. As long as there will be a noticeable difference & I can get the most out the amp.

Well going for something like the Jamo A102 or Boston Accoustics soundware will give some gains although I would be tempted to get some speakers based around standmounts. Something like the Monitor Audio BR1 5.0 pack for £300 from Quantum (use your current sub or get a BK Electronics Gemini II for £200) will give real gains in sound quality and will also be good if you upgrade the reciever in the future as well. Either that of the Q Accoustics 2000 AV package is worth a look.
PSM1, Thanks again very useful. Is the Jamo A102 a step up. I ask only because the cost is quite low. I can pick the full setup for £150. I think the Q Accoustics 2000 AV would be hard to justify, although perhaps more future proof. Is there anything stopping me from buying perhaps a set of monitor speakers like the Audi BR1's, then perhaps a decent center speaker followed by a sub. I'm happy buying 2nd hand & perhaps could build up that way. If this is the case, what factors do I need to consider when pairing with an amp for an AV setup. I guess if it's a quality model, the RMS range needs to match the amp?

Sorry if this is a noob question.


Buying a pair of BR1s will be fine although may be difficult to get a matching centre.
I would not worry too much about matching the power ratings of the speaker and amp. What you want to check is the sensitivity is not too low (the higher the number the better) and something like the 88dB of the BR1s will be fine. Also check impedance is OK (anything above 6 ohms will be fine). Other than that anything around your price range should be fine. What you do want to do is try to get a matching model/make across the front 3. This is so that you ensure a good tonal match and hence a well integrated front soundstage. If your front speakers do not match tonally then a sound can change as it moves across the screen which can be very distracting.
Your Yamaha reciever is warmer sounding so should pair well with brigher speakers so look at the likes of Monitor Audio, Mission and Morduant short. You could also look at Kef and Q accoustics which are seen as neutral sounding.

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