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Is it worth upgrading from a 55" Q80r to another 55"? Oled or Qled 2020s


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Hey peeps,

As the title says, I have a Q80r currently, nice picture ect ect.
I have a ps5 coming so I'm thinking maybe it's work upgrading to a Hdmi1 2.1 TV.

I would be sticking to 55"
I could go OLED but the TV is directly opposite a window, I have had an oled there before and it worked ok. Or I could go Qled again.

I assume my best options are the LG CX or Samsung q95t as they are 120hz and 2.1 hdmi.

But is it really worth the upgrade? I would sell my Q80r to pay towards the new TV. So I suppose that's worth £600? Bought from Samsung direct so only 1 year warranty. So we are talking a £600-£700 upgrade cost. Does the upgrade warrant that cost?


Sloppy Bob

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I wouldn't bother. At least not until you have the PS5 and can see you're happy with it or feel you're missing something.

Gaming at high frame rates is going to be rare, at least to start off with. The other features, they might be nice to have but they're not a game-changer IMO and who knows how well they'll work. Already there are issues with HDMI 2.1 and new GPUs, AVRs etc.

I wouldn't be in a hurry to beta test it.


Your current TV will support VRR, albeit at a 48-60hz range at 4k or 40-120hz refresh rate at 1440p. Given the uncertainty I'd hold off for now, your TV will be impressive with the new consoles, there are people buying TVs today that will be worse for that purpose.


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Completely agree with the above: you have a good TV and not worth upgrading at this time, at least until HDMI 2.1/VRR/new tech settling down.

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