Is it worth spending the extra £70..


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Looking to get one of the following MP3 players from Sony.

Sony 16GB E Series which is priced at £99.99

and the

Sony X Series 16GB priced at £169.99

Is it worth spending the extra on the later model?

Opinions on both of these players?


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Hi there

I have always found the Sony MP3 players to have excellent sound quality. IMHO, the X series has better sound quality than the E series, buy also comes with a lot of toys (touch screen, web browser) that you might not need.

If you don't need all of these toys, the S series would make an excellent choice, with a sound quality closer to the X than the E.

I hope that helps.


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how long can you wait?? I think the Android based walkman is out this year..I almost upgraded my 808 to the X but decided to wait for the Android and as nothing is wrong with my old one I felt it worth it ....been very quiet on the net about it for quite a while though :confused:
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Not in a desperate need to get one, but I since losing my ipod I have missed having an mp3 player and using a phone just isn't the same!


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I've thought about the X a few times, especially while the X was being sold for around £150 a month back, but my A829 with a pair of EX300 (the same as the X ships with sans noise cancelling) sounds :thumbsup:.

If you are in need I'd go for an A8xx for around £99, it will trounce the E/S series and come pretty close to the X, and the new A845 might exceed the X.

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