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Question Is it worth selling my plasma tv for a 4k LED Samsung?


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I currently have a Panasonic TX-P37X10B. My housemate is able to get very good discounts on Samsung TV's through his workplace but he is leaving soon and I am tempted to take advantage of this before he finishes. For example, a Samsung UE40JU6400 is available for £300, but I'm clueless as to how big the difference in picture quality will be. I don't really watch freeview on my tv, I just use it for streaming or the odd bluray. I read the avforums review and am slightly concerned abut the viewing angles but if anyone has any opinions on the difference between an old plasma and a new samsung led tv I'd really appreciate it.



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plasmas have better viewing angles, and a good plasma will normally be better at producing black, but new lce/led tvs are good and better than some plasma, I Would susggest going and having a look at one, I have a 59" samsung plasma and a 72" sony lcd/led tv and the lce/led produces blacks as good as the plasma , it can go brighter if need be and 3d is as good and tones brighter, motion the plasma edges it for me, and the led is tones cheaper to run.


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I think the Panasonic X10 series is an HD ready model from 2009, at least according to this review:

Panasonic plasmas from that era were good but not nearly as good as Pioneers, or the best plasmas in 2013 or 2014. The review says as much - "damn good picture for a budget model" - but I think LCD picture quality has improved since then, and you would eventually be happy with the new TV.
I would say you could probably expect:
- Same or better blacks and contrast
- Different motion than plasma (which may take some getting used to, and some playing around with settings)
- worse viewing angles
- chance of some backlight leakage/unevenness in dark scenes
- the bigger picture, even a few inches, contributing to immersion in a positive way
- sharper full HD or 4k images (more pixels, but also 1024x720 is not native resolution of any picture format, so there is always scaling)
- better upscaling (algorithms have improved, and Samsung has great upscaling and a lot more pixels to work with)
- quite a lot of tweaking of picture settings until you find a good result
- nicely working streaming options straight from the TV (although it is Samsung, so they may or may not break stuff in any given update)


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Hello Brodel, I agree with what scottthehat and babator have said. I'm not sure how big a new television you want, but going from your present 37 inch to a 40 inch is a waste of time. There will be others, but one Samsung that you could look at is this award-winning 48-inch model, which has a very useful swivel stand.

SAMSUNG UE48H6400 48 inch 3D LED Smart TV 1080p HD Freeview HD

Review here Samsung UE48H6400 review | What Hi-Fi?

and here Samsung UE48H6400 LED TV Review

By the way, you really won't get much money for your existing HD ready, 2009 plasma. £150 absolute tops.

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