Is it worth paying the extra for Mara C3200/Pronto 890 over CA M1+?


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Right, had pretty much decided that I would get a cambridge audio M1+, or E-Pilot SRC-9200 (both the same) for around £30 from ebay. After hunting around and looking at other remotes you seem to geta bit pulled in and before you know it you're considering spending loads more on a really posh one!!
Being a little more restrained I have noticed that you can get Marantz RC3200 or even Pronto 890 for around £60 on ebay sometimes.
The question is, is it really worth doubling the price to get something like this?
I was after one to replace remotes for 5 bits of kit (will soon be expanding to 7), as well as helping the other half out!! I would use the macro facility for turning things o together, with source switching, etc.
I like the idea of the more fancy remotes but not sure if I'd really need them, whe possibly the M1+ style remotes would be adequate??
What do you guys reckon?


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I have a Pronto 890 and wouldn't live with out it. Once you have set it all up it is so easy to use. I wouldpay another £60 or more if some thing happened to mine.


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Cheers for your reply. Any ideas on which would be considered better, the older pronto 890 or the Mara RC3200?

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