Question Is it worth me installing surrounds?


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Thanks in advance for any advice, i'll try to keep my post brief as I have tendency to waffle on with my posts.

I am renovating my living room & kitchen so they become semi open plan with a breakfast bar. Due to the size / shape of the room I need locate the sofa against the back wall. Speakers can't purely be wall mounted as this is a no no from the missus but we have agreed on putting them on a shelf above the sofa. Question is, is it worth it or should I stick with 3.1 at the front.

Planned equipment is Marantz 6011 AVR with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 or Silver 2. Room dimensions are 4.2 x 2.4 (m) with a 3.2m ceiling height. Images attached

I am getting the walls plastered this weekend so ideally would chase cables in readiness.

If you need any more information let me know.



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If you like surround sound, then why not?
I would use some dipole/tripole speakers, they give nice overall surround, it doesn't feel so located.


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I do indeed like surround sound but i read that having speakers behind and above you is not very good.

Given the effort to chase cables in I was wondering how others felt about this.


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I'm in the same boat. Thinking of just going three across the front and then add a subwoofer later. Don't think the wife will want surrounds.


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My M&K surroiunds are above and behind and they are great, just do it, if you get the correct speakers you won't regret it.


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Any chance of having them on the sides of the Sofa? maybe a pair of radius 90's?

Dipoles/tripoles would work also albeit are generally quite large so may be another no from the Mrs.


Even on the rear wall they will enhance the listening experience, side wall would be better. My concern would be putting them on a shelf, by doing so you may very well miss some of the sound through reflection. Depending on the speakers you choose, they don't have to be big because they are so close, discret wall mounts may very well be the better option as you can direct the speaker better.


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Damn, looks like chisel will have to come out again.

Random q but how do people generally hide their power behind wall mounted tv? My Sony has a massive transformer.


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My transformer sits on the floor and the cable is long enough to allow it to go under the TV cabinet. Cables from sources to tv are in trunking painted same colour as wall.

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