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Is it worth me getting a HDMI or DVI blade for my 42PHD8 ?


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Had the plasma over a year now and its been an excellent choice.

I have the original s-video/composite board and an RCA component board fitted to it.

I've wallmounted it and now want to hide the cables by digging a channel and putting a pipe to the corner of the room where all the other hardware is.

At the moment I have everything connected into my scaler which then outputs to the plasma to the VGA port on the plasma which works great

Now before I bury the cables I'm wondering if I should really get a digital module and cable installed now while I can to futureproof it against HDCP (SkyHD, PS3 etc) ? Everythime I read about these modules someones always saying that one doesn't support this or the other doesn't support that etc etc..

Likelyhood is that I'd replace the scaler for a model with more digital inputs (only one on the iScan and already using it for the DVD player) but I'd still need a way of connecting the scaler to the plasma via an HDCP enabled interface.

So would it be better to get an HDMI or DVI module installed or am I going to get issues with either of them so not worth bothering anyway ??


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I haven't bothered for the very reasons you're alluding to ... no 50Hz native res support over digital (although I have run a HDMI-DVI cable just in case I change my mind one day and decide 720p out of the scaler is good enough to take the hit for painless HDCP support)


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I think thats probably what I should do. Forget about the module itself but put a cable in there anyway just in case. I guess with hdmi at one end and dvi at another theres a good chance of getting one or both of them correct in the end or just use adaptors if not :)


yep, adapters are pretty much lossless on digital. I have yet to notice a difference anyway. Cheapn'nasty cables to be avoided, but no need to go OTT, good enough is good enough. We have great success with the ones Lektropacks sell. Good choice of length, well fitting plugs, what more do you need?

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