Is it worth have LCD Ready Tv in Bedroom


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As topic, I just been thinking this afternoon if I got a HD ready TV in my bedroom that meaning I would have to have the HDMI cable all the way from the SKy HD box when I get it in the lounge all the up to the bedroom. THis made me think that no way there be a cable long enough. So here me thinking it no point or can you guys make me think again?


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I've been thinking the same, im after a 26" or bigger Lcd for the bedroom but would want it to be hi-def compatible just for future proofing, however I was planning to get a decent av sender to transmit from my sky to the other room, just not sure how good they are and if this would be possible with a hi-def transmission?

Any thoughts?


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Which LCD have you been looking toward?


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There are HDMI extenders to allow cable lengths of around 50m/150 ft with no loss of quality. Infact, some of them will offer improved quality, such as the Meridian HDMAX extender and switch. Not commodity items just yet...



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I have a 20" LCD in the Bedroom which runs from the SKY box downstairs. Picture quality is OK. :thumbsup:

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