Is it worth getting sevenoqakes to install my system for me?

I have ordered the Kef 2005.2 speakers along with the Denon amp 2803 from sevenoakes and was thinking of getting them to install it for me as they know how to get the best out of the system.
Would you advise I get sevenoakes to install my system if so how much do they charge or should I save the money and do it myself?

I have a 12ft by 10ft bedroom not sure if I should put the speakers on stands either side of the bed or connect them on the wall.


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Hi crazzy
Have a look at the beginners guide on the top left page of this forum.Setting up can look daunting but if you set your kit up in stages use banana plugs for your speaker connections read through the manuals you will be fine,We all start somewhere on the set up side and it really isnt that hard and if you get stuck you can always get help on the forums plus you will save money.
Hope this helps Gonzo.
Thanks guys, I will set it up myself then. I have heard on this forum people mentioning the bannana plugs but I have not seen them dont know what they are.
I will either get the QED speaker cable for £10 a metere or another one for £5.50 a metere.
I am thinking of buying an extra Kef egg speaker for 6.1 but might wait and listen to what the system sounds like before buying the extra speaker.

I like to think I have bought a half decent system and just want to get the set up right. Another thing I asked sevenoakes about how I should position my speakers I said I was thinking of putting the back speakers on the side walls instead of the back walls but he replied this would sound rubbish you might as well buy soem headhones.
The only time you put the speakers on the side of the wall is if you have 7.1 he said.

I have llooked at the dolby guide diagram and they position their speakers on the side not the back

I am not sure if I should position the back speakers just under the ceiling or only 4 or 5ft from the floor and in line with the front left and front right speakers. Sorry for so many questiouns I just want it set up right. I have a 12ft by 10 ft square bedroom hopefully the sound will be good even though the room is not as big as a living room.

Ian J

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Originally posted by crazzy kopite
I asked sevenoakes about how I should position my speakers I said I was thinking of putting the back speakers on the side walls instead of the back walls but he replied this would sound rubbish you might as well buy soem headhones.
The only time you put the speakers on the side of the wall is if you have 7.1 he said.

Did you notice which particular orifice these words were coming from as I would be surprised if it were his mouth :mad:


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Banana plugs are just plugs that are permanently attached to the speaker cable and just slot into the speaker terminals. They look like this:

I don't bother with them myself but they are convenient.

As far as your rear speakers go, as long as they're in the back corners of the room behind you I don't think it will make a lot of difference.

If you're going with 6.1 I'd suggest placing the centre-rear directly behind you and the 2 surround speakers on the side walls but at the very back pointing into the room (ideally towards the listening position). I'd position them about 0.5 metres above the ear-level of your listening position.

I've not got much experience of rear speaker locations though as I always seem to be restricted by the room layout so am welcome to be corrected!
He honestly told me that Ian. I went to sevenoakes in Bedford. I said I was thinking of putting it on the side of the walls so it is on either side of my ears rather than behind me.
He replied it would not sound very good if I did that and he would only do that if he was going for a 7.1 set up.

Ian J

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There are a large amount of people who have their "rear" speakers on the side walls out of necessity as their seating position is right back against the wall and there is nothing wrong with this at all.

As always, experimentation is the key and just keep moving them around until you find somewhere that is both suitable and convenient.

Incidentally I feel that you are proposing to spend far too much on cabling as the speakers don't warrant £10 per metre. My front speakers are £1,000 per pair and the Silver Anniversary that they are cabled with didn't cost that and my rears cost £500 per pair new and I have cabled them up with Ixos 607 at £1.80 per metre as it's flat and disappears under the carpet nicely.

Family Guy

I would experiment with rear speaker positioning if I were you. I find that direct radiating speakers sound better when placed behind the listening position. However, dipoles, bipoles and tripoles are all designed to be positioned level with the listeneing position on either side, with the listener sitting in the null between the drivers...
My seating is also at the back of the room which is why I asked about having the speakers on the side walls. I can move the seating about half a foot- a foot forward.
I had a yamaha NP210 set of speakers and placed the rear speakers just under the ceiling pointing downwards towards the listener but I think that might be a bit too high for rear speakers.

I will take your advice and not bother buying £10 a metre cable and instead opt to buy an extra speaker. I am pretty clued up about the hardware and what things do put I have no idea about the best position.
I know I should experiment and move the speakers about but I dont want to drill loads of holes for the speakers all over the place, especially as I have just had it decorated :D .

I wont bother with 7.1 just yet but 6.1 does intrest me I just thought you needed a big room for 6.1.
I have a square room my seating will be at the back of the room in line with the centre speaker. I will place the centre speaker on the front wall as close to the tv as I can get it and the other front speakers equal distance apart.

It is the rear speakers I am not sure on and as I am a novice I thought I would ask your suggestiouns as you are the experts. I dont I will get the best out of them if I place them 4 foot up from the back wall in line with the front left and right speakers because I will be sititng only half a foot - a foot away from them.

The other thing I am unsure of is where to place the subwoofer? I was thinking of putting it agaisnt the side wall half way down the room. :rolleyes: Im sorry for so many questiouns I just have no idea on how to get the best out of them.


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Hi Crazzy
I suggested the banana plugs as theres less chance of getting any stray wires on the back of the amp.The speaker connections on some amps are very close together and it can be a pain to get the thick speaker wires in also stray wires can cause damage .Another plus on unmarked cable you will always know (if you disconnect) which is +&- red and black without tracing the cable back to the speaker.
Cheers Gonzo.:)
Another thing I can do with the rear speakers is put them on either side of the room on stands. Do the kef speakers come with wall brackets and stands? I forgot to ask. My room is similar to that apart from I have a wardrope on the left hand side of the wall, pc top left, tv in the middle and the other stuff like xbox, sky digital etc in an av rack in the top right hand corner. I also have a bed at the back wall though might get a sofa bed as they are more comfortable :). This is just a spare bedroom which I sleep in if guests come over.
Gonzo you have the same dvd player as me, how do you store your favourite parts of the film to the player?


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Banana plugs are certainly a convenience but shouldn't be considered a necessity.

It sounds like you've got the same compromising issues as most people have with their surround kit! I'd suggest moving the sofa as far forwards as you can and going with my earlier suggestion with the surround speakers on the side walls but towards the back of the room.

Subwoofer placement is an entirely different kettle of fish that I've no experience of (my sub has to go where it's told! :( ) but there's plenty of info in other threads here.


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Hi Crazzy
I dont use it so sorry .
Might dig the manual out and have a read .
Cheers Gonzo.
Thank You guys I really appreciate your help and I am taking it on board. I am saving this thread to my favourites as reference for when my kit arrives.
Gonzo you dont have to read the manual I have the manual myself but I never have patience to read the manuals. I have had the player for just over a year and still dotn know how to work all trhe feauturs :rotfl: .
Is it worth going for 6.1 for a bedroom my size 12ft by 10ft? A guy at work says my room is too small so I wont notice much difference in sound. However he does not know much about home cinema he just connects his dvd player he got from Tesco to his hi fi :D .


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Hey Crazzy
The best advice I can give you is to get your kit hooked up and the speakers positioned roughly where you want them, and then experiment - change a little at a time and use some favourite movie sequences to assess whether what you've done is an improvement. Listen for the effectiveness of things like smooth panning of effects across the room, and for subtle atmospherics like leaves rustling or birds chirping.
In theory the sub can be positioned anywhere in the room, as the sound is non-directional - i.e. you can tell that it's there, but not where it's coming from. In practice, placing it close to a wall will act to amplify the bass - and in a corner even more so. This just means that if you want it against the wall, you'll probably need to reduce the LFE level on your amp - or the gain control on the sub (if it has one).
There are reference discs available to calibrate your system and set relative speaker levels. Personally I prefer to use 5 or 6 different movies and adjust the settings so that they sound good to me.
A final word of advise - new AV kit needs "running in" before it sounds at its best. Around 50 hours use should get things nicely bedded in.
Hope this helps!
I live about 25 miles from Milton Keynes small town called Rushden. I am thinking about buying an extra speaker for 6.1.
From the tv to the back wall is 12ft, the viewing chair and the rear speakers will be 5 foot apart same distance as the 6th speaker if it is worth me buying the 6th speaker that is.

I think I will place the speakers 4 foot up from the ground. When I get the system (this weekend unless they still dont have it in stock) I will let you know how I get on and no doubt be asking for more advice ;).

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Some of the staff at Sevenoaks can be rude arrogant and ignorant
Some years ago I went into their Guilford branch and ask to listen to an amp. Young bloke asked what turntable I used . I told him I had a Voyd Valdi and he asked me if that was some kind of relic.I told him the Valdi was made by a high end t/t manufacturer by the name of Voyd and then told him I would complain to headoffice about his attitude. He was sacked!


Banned for trading fraud
crazzy kopite,

Which Stand did you get, the link is not working. I am in the market for an AV stand myself.


I bought a tv unit for £150 3 tier and a matching av rack for £150 that is 5 tier. Both are tinted blue glass.
The manufatuer of my units is tech+link.


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did you complain about this guys lack of knowledge of high end turntables then or was there something that you have left out? it seems a bit harsh for somenone to be sacked just cos he has never heard of Voyd. i think sometimes we can expect too much from staff in stores as i am sure you aren't fully aware of every item relevant to your job - i know i'm not! just my 2pence worth anyway:lesson:

la gran siete

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. It wasnt the fact he'd never heard of Voyd but his arrogant dismissive attitude that annoyed me. Maybe I am bit old fashioned but Ilke to treated with a bit of respect . It was his attitude that got him the sack not lack of knowledge. Dont know about you but bad service is something I feel needs to be dealt with. Too many people moan about it and do nothing when they should be more proactive and complain. Sorry, I am wearing my "ranters" hat on today!

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