Is it worth getting one?


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planning to build a HTPC/Media server, to be used with my yamaha pdm4210 its an ALIS panel so is not ideal for htpc but gives a great picture from general av items such as dvd players and the like, especially 1080 stuff.

what i was wondering is if i feed a digital signal -dvi/hdmi from the htpc in to the scaler then allow the scaler to work its magic and pass the signal onto the display what sort of results should i expect?

And also what sort of res should i be inputting into the scaler?

Or do i scrap the scaler idea and choose a screen more suited to htpc use


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I don't think anyone has sucessfully integrated a HTPC and a Scaler due to PC's being progessively native.

For a scaler you really want interlaced native sources eg.576i for pal 480i NTSC.

A guy on Avs seem to say that he managed to get pal working but not NTSC from his HTPC.

I don't think alis panels are good with scalers either, unless some one can correct me on this?

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