Is it worth buying an AE100 and selling it just before the AE200 is released?


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I am desperate to get hold of 16:9 projector. I need one now!

I have a 14" portable TV at the moment, hence my desperation!!!

Widescreen TV's seem like a waste of money compared to projectors, so they are a no no.

I am thinking of just buying an AE100 and selling it on Ebay just before the AE200 comes out. How much do you think I would get for it?

I like the sound of this new Epson which will cost about £700, but it must be 16:9, and it better be released soon.

Why oh why did Panasonic have to discontinue the AE100 when I had just about made my mind up to get one...


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Just get it and start enjoying the bigscreen :D

I have watched a DVD every night for the last couple of weeks trying to get my unwatched list down but the rate theyre coming through the letterbox I cant keep up and the list is getting bigger :eek:


Its not worth waiting to buy what's about to come out if you are ready now, because I can assure, there is always going to be something bigger and better coming out soon.

Buy it have a ball and if you feel the need to upgrade go for it :D

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From what I've picked up isn't the AE200 only a slightly updated AE100? If so, I don't know whether I'd bother with an AE100 as upgrading afterwards to the AE200 would seem a little pointless.(Just hold out for the AE200 unless you can secure a good deal on the 100)


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Difference is you can have an AE100 nnow and enjoy it whilst you are waiting for the 200 to come out, be available in sufficient numbers and have the 'bugs' ironed out...

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the AE200 doesn't seem a big enough improvement to buy an AE100, lose some money and then buy a (probably in the short term) expensive AE200

Better contrast is about all it has going for it. (and hopefully a more reliable PSU when it first ships :p )

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