Is it weird to buy two TVs for the living room?


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Assuming you have somewhere to store the other tv not in use. And are ok with the cost. Buy some accidental damage cover just to be safe, going to need that burn in cover regardless. Probably only take a few minutes to swap them around once you've done it a few times.

Use the OLED for movies that have mostly dark scenes, to get those rich blacks with no blooming distracting from the awesome picture quality
Use the LED LCD for mostly bright movies, to get that full screen brightness that only an LED backlight can provide and keep the blooming to a minimum

But the eternal dilemma of which tv to use with films that have roughly half and half scenes.

It's... it's going too far isn't it?

sigh First world problems...


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I personally would get distracted by the second monitor (even if it's dark in the room)... I would prefer a big 4K monitor to enjoy all the colors and brightness of any movie. :D


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I'm actually considering doing the same myself. OLED for the majority of my viewing and then a cheap LCD to use as a workhorse for when I'm veiwing "high risk" content for burn in.

To be honest though I wouldn't be considering this if it wasn't for my situation...
My usage is probably high risk for OLED but my LCDs also don't last a year due thrips/Thunder bugs ruining them. So i feel I don't really have much choice but to try and squeeze both in to the room.


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yes I have the other 28 inch LG to watch news channels on if needed or PC gaming


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I have a b7 55 and a 48C1 in the same room . Ising the C1 right now , while watching tv on the other
. ALso have a 55 LG 3d in bedroom along with a philips 43" just by the bed


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I'd only do that - OLED for movies/TV and LCD or PC monitor for consoles and PC use, or if you sit close (again PC gaming with keyboard and mouse)..getting two for similar use (movies) seems a bit daft. Not sure if consoles do PC monitor resolution (ie 2450x1440) and use g-sync/freesync though upto 144hz


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I thought about that idea, but with these having a rigid screen youd need two rooms really. That's a big expense if you want surround sound on both.

I like the idea of the short throw, but like many I'm use to oled blacks, so letter box movies are going to disappoint.


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How about get a projector for film viewing and TV for general use.
I do have an optoma 1080 ( X144 ) in the living room as well . I mainly use for blu ray movies .I do use a powered screen... Makes a change from 4k etc on a 55"

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