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Hi there, I've been itching to buy a new LCD TV for quite a while now but the usual problem's have held me back, SD picture quality and motion smearing.

I recently compared my 4 year old philips (26PF9946/12) too my mate's brand new panasonic (TX32LXD70) and there wasn't any major difference when it came to SD picture quality.

I am convinced decent SD picture quality is still year's away and I doubt LCD will ever match CRT when it come's to SD material.

So the only thing holding me back now is motion smearing. The latest LCD TV's have a 8ms response time which is still pretty poor. But better than my philips which has a response time of 12ms.

I have been reading about the latest LCD PC monitor's which have a response time of just 2ms, and this apparently sort's out the whole smearing problem all together.

How long will it be before LCD TV's have a 2ms response time?

Are they just around the corner or are they year's away?

If it took them 4 year's to get from 12ms to 8 ms, will it be another 4 year's before they get to 2ms?

Should I wait another 6 month's or should I take the plunge now?

The 2 TV's I have been looking at are the panasonic (TX32LXD70) and the sony (KDL-40W2000U) from what I can gather the panasonic is superior when it come's to picture quality, especially motion handling. Am i correct in thinking this? .

Does anyone have any suggestion's on what TV's I should consider?

I have a budget of £1200 and am after a screen size of at least 32". 1080p would be nice but not essential, a pc input is however.



32" for 1200£ is too too expensive.I hava a better tv:Samsung LE-40F86 which is 1080p and 100Hz!!!Also fits your budget


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The samsung does have some impressive spec's, the 100hz being the best one, i'm pretty sure the sony does'nt have that I will have to give it some serious thought. so many options:confused:


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