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Is it the 'done thing' to sell your switch including digital games?


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Hi, this is a general question and not a for sale thread so to speak.

We have a switch with around 70 paid for games on, from AAA titles like Mario Kart, Super smash ect going to the cheaper end games and everything between. All bought through my account and stored on a 256gb card.

Can I sell the account with the switch? I'm sure it would be easy enough to swap the email address and login details to the new owner, so they would have sole access to it, but is it the done thing? Not sure if it would increase the value significantly to make it worth while? I could just keep the account for a rainy day?

Thanks for taking the time to read this..


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If you mean to sell on here then 99.99% sure its a no. Any account including games has to be deleted before sale on here.

Outside of this forum I’ve seen it done. Is it ‘the done thing’? don’t think so no but it can be done.
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Miss Mandy

No, its not the done thing. We don't allow accounts to be sold on the forum classifieds as it's breaks Nintendo's terms and conditions.
If an account is sold and Nintendo find out they can block the account. As the seller that would put you at risk of legal action being taken against you by the buyer who suddenly doesn't have access to what they've paid you for.
I have seen it done elsewhere, but I guess it's down to both parties on whether they want to take that risk.


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Thank you for the reply, I never stated I wanted to sell it on here and was just after advice. Please feel free to close this thread.

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