Is it sky or my digibox?


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I have had a number of problems recently with my 18 mth old Amstrad and need to know if thiey are likely to be faults in the box, or bad software from sky.

1) Box seems to crash to a freezed box with no response from remote and stuck picture or black screen every 2 to 3 days.

2) Impossible to view all the items on sky inrteractive news without crashing back to normal sky news at some point and having to re-select again. It used to be ok until they added more categories to pick from on the news menu about 2 software upgrades ago.

3) My dvd recorder is set up to take RGB from the digibox and on 2 recent occassions the box seems to have partially crashed but continued to work apparently ok, except picture output is no longer in RGB. This is very annoying as sky can be viewed apparently normally as the tv rgb socket selects automatically, however the recorder doesn't and records sound with no picture.
It is difficult to spot this i advance and avoid ruined recordings.
The only way to see is to select the recorder and view the picture source through that and see whether there is a black screen or not.
The settings are correct in the box and switching off and back on cures this. I have tried forced upgrades of the software and have the latest in the box(did it again last night), but the problems continue.

Is it likely the box is going faulty?

If I decided to buy a new box rather than trying to get sky to switch it for the call out fee, which is the most reliable and future proof available at present?
Alternately which is the best value for money at present comparing cost against quality, anh who is cheapest supplier via the internet?



more than likleyits the box but check all cable connections etc and it would be useful if u knew someone with another box to check out your dish and cable. Check for the most up to date software and even do a forced software upgrade but I think it is the box and AMSTRA are not known for thier reliab----.



I'm always astonished at people thinking that the broadcasters with multi-millions of pounds of equipment are causing technical faults, rather than a £300 box from one of the budget manufacturers...

It's got to be your box - Sky have boxes in over 6 million households in the UK and they mostly (apart from the odd software glitch) work fine.

If you can find the dosh, change your box for a Panasonic or Pace.

You know it makes sense...


Only the first amstrad model had poor reliability. The later ones are very reliable and have no obvious problems.


Originally posted by Doubledoom
Only the first amstrad model had poor reliability. The later ones are very reliable and have no obvious problems.
I'll second that but even the DRX100 is fine once its tuner has been upgraded.

I notice that the poster doesn't actually know which model Amstrad he owns and wants us to guess whether his (unknown) Digibox is faulty or not. OK, let me find a coin....

Tails! Yes, it's definitely the fault of Sky. Phone them up and complain. (You might not get through because, if I'm right, there'll be around 5 million others also phoning to complain ;-)

Mind you, it *might* be a problem with the dish, cable or LNB.

BTW I found lots of information about faulty Digiboxes on this site.


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