Is it screwed



Went with the folks to get a plasma yesterday and when we were taking it to the car the guy who brought it out said you cannot lie the box flat it has to be upright. Anyway we got it home safe n sound but i recently bought a samsung le37m87bdx and when bringing it homee i laid it flat in the car boot. looking on the box ive noticed that it tells u to keep it upright just wondering i f i have shortened the life expectancy of my tv by doing this.


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No. LCDs(unlike plasmas) can be transported in horizontal position safely. (actually LCDs are sometimes installed to roof facing down)


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I very much doubt it.

Life expectancy on TV's for me is a misnomer.

A good LCD should last 60,000 hours. Even if you reduce the expectancy, your still looking at probably 40,000 hours. Most people will replace their tv's before that.

Who on here waits until their TV gives up the ghost before changing it? Not many I reckon.

Taken from the LCD buying guide:

"They say nothing lasts forever—and neither do LCD televisions. The average lifespan of an LCD display is 60,000 hours. If watching TV was your full-time job, and you did it 24 hours a day, it would take you almost 7 years to wear out your LCD display. With more normal viewing habits of, say, 8 hours per day, you can extend the lifespan of your TV by a decade or more (to about 20 years)!"


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My instruction manual told me to lay my LCD face down on a soft surface in order to fit the stand, so there. :)

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