Is it safe to buy a Denon 3800?

John G

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After reading about all the various problems encountered by 3800 owners,I was wondering if Denon have finally sorted everything out.
If I was to buy a new 3800 now would it be okay?
A £1000 is a lot of money to shell out only to have all the technical problems you all seem to have.
I have always been very pleased with Denon products especially my A1SE amp.
Many thanks ,John


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Personally I would say 'go for it'. I bought mine in August with PAL-P and multiregion enabled and have had no problems whatsoever. There is still slight evidence of the chroma bug on my player, but the versions in the shops now seem to have a different firmware which no-one on these boards with an older machine has. These new models will also not need repair to the laser (as mine will if the rumours are true), but as Denon are actually trying to deal with their issues rather than ignore them I applaud their efforts. I stopped buying Sony gear after they refused to do anything with the geometry on my Wega TV as it was 'within spec'. I hate hearing that...


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I would say yes...

Denon are pretty much there on the 3800 now including hardware fixes and firmware updates...



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Also got mine from creative audio. Storming performer. Go for it - at under £800 it's a steal.

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