Is it safe for me to get an OLED ?


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Considering I use my tv 15 hours a day everyday of the week, should i be worried for early burn-in issues ? Can it appear during the first 2 years ? I mostly watch netflix/youtube and play video games


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Considering I use my tv 15 hours a day everyday of the week, should i be worried for early burn-in issues ? Can it appear during the first 2 years ? I mostly watch netflix/youtube and play video games
There are AVFORUM member's that are very opinionated and out spoken on this subject. Everybody has to decide for themselves what to believe. Below are the arguments for each side.

Circular discussions regarding burn in.
Arguments For How Prevalent is OLED Burn In

The vast majority of OLED owners take no special precautions regarding static content and never experience burn in.

There is a rare possibility that you could experience burn in if you watch a lot of static content

Professional TV reviewers are incompetent and Consumer Reports Scientific Statistical Data is invalid when it comes to OLED Burn In.

Because I have experienced OLED Burn In it can't be a rare occurrence.

Because I have experienced OLED Burn In it is pandemic and everybody will get OLED Burn In sooner or later.

There are to many cases on you tube and social media for OLED Burn In to not be a pandemic problem.

I know a lot about pixels and TV technology and I say OLED Burn In is a problem.

If OLED Burn In wasn't a problem then LG would provide a 10 year warranty like Samsung does for their LCDs.

The professional TV Reviewers opinions can't be trusted. They are in on a big conspiracy with LG to minimize the OLED Burn In issue. Professional TV reviewers have to suck up to LG in order to get special recognition at CES.

Gadgetobsessed AVForums poll shows burn in is at 35 percent for certain years.

Curry's and all of the other stores that sell TVs are in on a big conspiracy. They know that a huge number of their TVs are returned for OLED Burn In and they don't report it to the general public.

LG knows that their OLED panels are prone to burn in and they are conning all the other TV manufacturers to use their panels and manufacturer OLED TVs.

Sure would help if LG was more upfront about OLED Burn In.

The most reliable source of information on OLED Burn In is obtained from people on social media that have actually experienced OLED Burn In.

Warranty Arguments

If LG won't provide an unlimited warranty for OLED Burn In then they know it is a problem otherwise they would provide an unlimited warranty.

A 5 year warranty for all TVs regardless of the problem (not just burn in) seems fair to me. We need to start pressing for a 5 year warranty for every TV manufactured whether it is an LED or an OLED. If the LED and OLED manufactures won’t give a 5 year warranty for their TVs we need to sue them. If a TV doesn’t last for 5 trouble free years then it is not fit for purpose.
The good thing about a warranty like this is that it would get rid of the poor quality TV manufacturers. We could bankrupt Vizio, Hisense, RCA, Westinghouse, and Element as they would have to repair or replace over 20 percent of their TVs. Even Sony, Samsung, and LG would have a hard time as their failure rate is around 10 percent in the first 5 years. It is time TV Manufacturers start paying attention.

Useful facts from dodgexander:
  • The risk of burn in with OLEDs is actually less than it was in the Plasma days. It's no more likely to happen now than then.
  • Its not only OLEDs that can suffer from burn in, abuse any type of display (even LCD) and you can get burn in. Just take a look at some of the old LCDs in pubs.
  • Youtube is full of people claiming to be experts and misleading people, do not believe everything you watch on Youtube. I don't want to name and shame but there are some really laughable content creators out there who literally will say anything to make a few extra views. Do not believe their rubbish! I am sure if you read this, you know the kind of channels I am talking about.
OLED Burn In Tests Arguments

Vincent Teoh's test is pathetic. tests prove OLED Burn In is a serious issue.

Vincent Teohs tests show OLED Burn In is is overblown. real life OLED Burn In test won't be worth much value for current Oled TV buyers. The six outdated LG C7 TVs they are using for their test don't have the logo luminance adjuster that exists on the C8 and C9 TVs.

Logo Luminance Adjustment - detects static logos on the screen and reduces brightness to prevent permanent image retention.

Vincent Teoh used an E8 TV for his test. This is a more accurate test for 2018 and newer models.

Although we don't expect most people who watch varied content to have any issues, OLED TVs, such as the LG OLED C9 do have the possibility of experiencing burn in.

Vincent Teoh
OLED Burn In Risk is Overblown

Consumer Reports
Their statistical data shows that OLED Burn In is such a rare occurence that they don't even mention it as anything to be concerned with except for some 2015 OLED TVs.
Data on 97,554 TVs owned by Consumer Reports members who purchased a new set between 2010 and 2018 has been collected. Many of these TVs are OLEDs. If Burn In was a common problem I am sure Consumer Reports would mention it.

Geoffrey Morrison and David Katzmaier of CNET
If you vary your TV viewing habits like most people, however, it won't be an issue. Even so, caveat emptor. Or as Caesar once said, "Conscientiam autem ardeat sed non anxius" (be aware of burn-in, but not concerned).

John Archer of Forbes
Occurrences of permanent screen burn in the real consumer world are now and will continue to be rare.

Unopinionated of Bothell
I personally believe burn in on older OLEDs was primarily due to manufacturing quality and not the technology. Why else would people use their TVS in the same manner and only a very few of them experience burn in .

If you fear burn in do not buy an OLED TV. Life is to short to be anxious and have to babysit your TV.

There are different opinions on OLED burn in. Hopefully the points from each side will help you come to your own opinion.
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It sounds like you are heavy user of content that does potentially lead to burn in.

Yes I’d expect you to have burn in before two years are up with your usage pattern which is pretty extreme for OLED, unless you are really varying your games etc. YouTube is another common source of burn in with its logo, progress bar etc.

If you take a look at the ACTUAL DATA from the RTINGS test rather than their written conclusion you will see that the initial damage happens far, far earlier than they imply. Several of these screens were burned in within 8 weeks of the test beginning.

Yes subsequent years‘ models are more resistant to burn-in but it still happens because burn-in is inherent to the technology.

For most people, burn-in is something they can hope to avoid for 3+ years but your use case will punish an OLED panel. I’d suggest either going QLED or buying an OLED from John Lewis and paying £140 for their insurance which covers burn-in.


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Considering I use my tv 15 hours a day everyday of the week, should i be worried for early burn-in issues ? Can it appear during the first 2 years ? I mostly watch netflix/youtube and play video games
I m using TVs in simmilar amount of hours, 2 oled panels gone now on qled.


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Just buy it from John Lewis and get the burn in protection for peace of mind.

If it breaks or burns in during warranty period, you get a replacement panel or a brand new TV.

I'd rather do that than go for an inferior technology for a similar price point like a LCD panel (or if people like to call it, QLED).


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Considering I use my tv 15 hours a day everyday of the week, should i be worried for early burn-in issues ? Can it appear during the first 2 years ? I mostly watch netflix/youtube and play video games

You definitely need to be avoiding OLED. Top end LCD's are excellent these days, wider viewing angles, great black levels, colours and contrast. Why risk it if you already know you are in burn in usage territory.

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