Is it possible...


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to have a projector lamp refurbished or rebuilt? I bought a Mitsubishi X300U projector, excellent display IMHO, on Ebay and the lamp has about 500 hours left. (I knew that when I bought it) I also knew the lamps are expensive but I see there is a guy in the States who reckons he can rebuild projector lamps and return them to nearly as good as new. Has anyone had this done or is it a scam?

PS My projector has a few dusts blobs. Anyone any experience of cleaning an X300U?


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I found it hard to believe but being no expert in projector lamp technology I supposed there was a chance.


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Yes it can be done dependent on the type of lamp, however the results arent always great, so your better off just stumping up the cash for a new 1


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Make sure you do a web search as you can somtimes get a few decent deals on bulbs, which can save alot of money


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Follow up.

This is the message I got when I asked the Ebay company about rebuilding my lamp. I copy it here as it may be of interest.

When the time comes, we'd be pleased to rebuild your Mitsubishi lamp. Cost would be
$279 plus $15.75 shipping to you. We guarantee your satisfaction for 60 days.
Brightness, color temp, and lifespan are comparable to new. Let us know when we can
be of service.

Best wishes,
Tom Carlson
A1 ServiCenter
1680 Navajo Blvd. 1st Fl
Ogden, Utah 84403 USA
tel +1 801-475-7800
fax+1 801-475-7877
[email protected]

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