Is it possible to use a plasma tv as a monitor?


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I'm currently building a multimedia pc for a friend who'd like a decent sized screen - he likes the look of the dell widescreen 24 incher but said that for an additional £300, he could pick up a 42 in plasma tv, but would he be able to use it as a conventional monitor given that it had the correct connector?
He plans to use it primarily as a gaming computer and will be seated around 3-5 feet from it.
Yes they can be but u need to take a few things on board first

Is screen burn going to be an issue?
Will the native resolution be enough?

Gaming can look great but on a lower res screen general internet stuff will be just ok if not using that much.


i use my PC on my 42 inch plasma, and its wicked, for downloaded movies, gaming the lot, its crisp, which plasma is he going to go for??? most of them come with standard input port for PCs these days


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I meant in terms of the following -

1 - Practicality - is'nt it kind of overwhelming to be sitting in front of a 42 in monitor at close proximity?

2 - sorry for my ignorance but I'm completely blotto on the technology so bear with me - is plasma like an lcd monitor in terms of native resolutions? his desktop and games usually run at 1600x1200 res - I take it this is'nt possible on a large plasma or lcd.

3 - impact - what's it like playing games like half life and doom 3 on such a large screen?

4 - does the monitor have any important requirements in terms of connectors, graphics card etc?


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I have a plasma PW7 which is 852 x 480, I can run Half Life 2 on it at 1024 x 576 and it looks very smooth and impressive... however I find that I prefer to actually play most of my games on my other PC connected to a 19" LCD, but that is probably just a personal choice.

You can't really sit that close to a 42" plasma and see the whole screen, and in some games like Half Life 2 it is hard to see the cross hairs and get the pinpoint accuracy that you get when sitting close up to a monitor.

EDIT: DVI connection if poss, or VGA if not - need to check what resolution / refresh rates the plasma supports via these connections.
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High resolutions are a must for my friend so I'll be suggesting that he pick up the dell 24 incher which is not only cheaper but offers resolutions up to 1920!

Thanks for the heads up people. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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The dell is good for gaming but rubbish for video. If your mate buys it he shouldn't really be thinking about watching his dvds or assuming its going to be good with hidef. My 852x480 panasonic 37" plasma is 10 times better than it when it comes to video .


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My plasma can go all the way up to 1600X1200 and it lookds good for gaming and video.

However that is not its native resolution so I recomend a good 24" LCD with 1920X1200 resolution for gaming.


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The computer is primarily a gaming rig, he won't have to worry about video as he already has a 36 in crt for that so it looks like the dell wins!

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