Is it possible to edit subtitles on a DVD???


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...mainly because I'd like to be able to edit the Japanese version of Kill Bill that I've ordered.

I'm really looking for a way of editing the 'player generated' subtitles that come with it, but if that's not possible, I'd consider re-writing them.

Any ideas????


Well i'm no expert on it buit I don't think u would be able to edit on them on the orignal dvd but I would be very surprised if there wasn't software that allowed you to copy it onto a new dvd with editied subtitles.


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That exactly why I want to do.

So....does anybody know what software I would need?


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From what I can gather you can rip the subs and then use an editor to 'force' the subtitles to come on when you want.

Not sure if I can link to this site as it deals with DVD 'copying' but here it is anyway.

subtitle guides

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