Question Is it possible to convert DP/DP to HDMI/HDMI?


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I was looking on amazon for a 5m HDMI Cable (which could support 4k). I was finding it very difficult to find many that did this. Unknowingly I bought two Display Port Cables thinking that they were HDMI (blinded by advertisements of 4K and 5m long and good Hz rates). They aesthetically looked like HDMI cables. I was never even aware that DP Cables existed and so I never thought twice before having them channeled into my wall. Now I have put my tv on the wall and tried connecting the cables only to find that it wont fit.

I have seen on the internet that you can get adaptors to changes a dp into a hdmi but I was wondering is it possible to place one on each end to convert it into a HDMI cable. Just so I dont have to take my wallpaper off and re channel new cables into th wall.

Any information or insight would be much appreciated.

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You may have to use a DP (Female) to DP (Female) adapter then add a DP (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable as full size DP (Female) to HDMI (Male) cables are not easy to Source (if anyone actually produces one - there may a licensing issue with that configuration).

Hopefully you can make it work with 'passive' cables/adapters and not have to add in active converters - as that can get expensive.



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The reason that HDMI male to DP Female adapters don't really exist is that you cannot connect an HDMI source into a DP input. It works the other way around, so DP - HDMI cables exist, but not really the converters.

You would not be able to use an active device at each end - as they are directional, but I think Joe has it correct that DP F-F and a DP - HDMI cable is the way forward. It won't be 4K rated or certified, but keep them short and it could (should!) work!
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