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Is it possible to back up contacts, photo's etc on a jailbroken phone?


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I have an officailly unlocked iphone 3g, which is currently jailbroken using blackra1n, it is some time since I backed my iphone up and since then I have added loads of contacts, photo's, music etc to the phone, is there any way I can back them all up, the reason I ask is that the phone is starting to get a little glitchy, the last time this happened I got the dreaded apple logo screen and had to restore the phone, which lost my updated contacts etc.



Jase Winter

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Just run a backup in iTunes, works fine and once you've restored the phone you get the option to 'set up as a new phone' or 'restore from backup of ****'s phone'. Some people prefer to always set up as a new phone though so you can also back up your contacts to something like outlook or maybe your email provider (yahoo and google support contact syncing). For photo's simple copy them to your computer as you would with a digital camera.


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You can back up just like you would a standard phone :)


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You can back up just like you would a standard phone :)

If I back it up now while it's still jail broken and the phone goes t*ts up, will I be to restore the phone and there will be no trace of it being jailbroken for warranty purposes?




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To answer your question - or at least prove to myself I know what I'm doing - if you for example:

- Backed up your phone

- Jail broke it

Several months later - You want to restore the phone but you have new contacts etc

- You can, during the duration of the jailbreak - sync your contacts with Outlook and thus always have a copy of them

- You can backup your phone again - a second time having done it prior to the jailbreak, and this will back up contacts, messages, pics, etc etc but itunes will only backup the official stuff and nothing jailbreak related

- When you restore the phone, it clears the jailbreak completley and leaves you with an iphone 'out of the box'

- You then hit restore and it takes your last backup and places it back on the phone

- Your phone now has all your contacts, messages, pics etc - and all official apps, and nothing to ever prove you ever jailbroke it in the first place


Can someone confirm if I have this right? :)

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