Is it possbile to get component input through Joytech AV Control Center 2?

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I heard it was....I'd really like to be able to switch component between the xbox1,ps2 and gamecube without having to change the lead at the back of the tv. I've had this av control center 2 for ages but rarely use it now as I dont use Scart switching much only component, but i heard it has a hidden component feature?
I tried making component work through it but i think im doing something wrong because i dont have a clue where the component leads for the consoles actually go and in what order so i didnt have any success..

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"For the high-end user, the best bit about Joytech's device is that is also has the hidden ability to act as a switcher box for up to four Component devices. All you do is simply plug the three Component cables into the Composite input and the two RCA phono inputs and Voila, four-way Component switching."

Thats for the control center 1. You get 6 component switch capability with the Control Center 2. The 2 screws things up a little by only having 2 optical switches iirc.

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