Is it posible 2?



right new problems guys, I have been off live for 6 months doing my new house new router new computer bla bla bla.

Now my subscription has been cancelled and microsoft are telling me I need re-subscribe and need to start a new gamer tag but I dont want to ill lose my scores extra.

Is it true can anybody confirm the idiot from microsoft words?



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Pretty sure if its been in active for a while or your Live account has come to the end of its 12 month life then you lose the gamertag and can NEVER get it back. Happened with me, i didn't use it for a while and now my old gamertag is on "lock-down" and can never be used or recovered again.

Bit stupid really :thumbsdow


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Once the subscription dies, the name is locked for a period of time then eventually gets recycled as far as i know


your bloody right, theres one serious bad error from microsoft.

what happens like me if you want a break or need a break or maybe you cant afford to renew straight away. I cant believe they deleted me.

It gonna take months to beat the games again god damn.....bring on the PS3?
(well just call of duty 2)

Well i lost all me friends now so if your kind hearted please add my new tag


Paul Turner LFC... signing off forever it seems.....sniff sniff

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