Is it ok to use 8 and 16ohm speakers on 1 amp?


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Hi all,

Is it ok to run zone 1 at 8ohms and zone 2 at 16ohms on a Pioneer SC-2023?

I have been tasked with installing a new audio system in the pub my wife works in.

The amplifier is a Pioneer SC-2023 (4-16ohm), and the speakers are Apart ovo3t (16ohm).

There are 3 areas, bar, restaurant and tap room.

4 speakers for the bar, 4 for the restaurant and 2 for the tap room.

The speakers in the bar and restaurant will be zone 1 and the tap room zone 2.

Am I right in thinking if I wire the speakers in parallel 2 x 16ohm speakers = 8ohm?

If so is it ok to run zone 1 at 8ohm, 2 speakers into Front Right, Front Left, Surround Right and Surround Left for a total of 8 speakers, and the 2 speakers in zone 2 at 16ohms, 1 speaker into Surround Back Right and 1 in Surround Back Left?

I hope all that makes sense.



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Probably the wrong way to tackle the job. But we need more info on what is really wanted. Is there video sources / switching involved?

My first thought are:
Each room / area likely needs independent volume control. Restaurant likely quieter than the main bar.

Mono will probably be better rather than stereo as no-one will be in the 'sweet spot' in such situations.
A surround sound amp won't lend itself to this type of control greatly, with many possibilities for unfamiliar users to mess up settings via the complicated remote and front panel controls?

Any requirement for a microphone / pa style application?

Probably better to use 100V line speakers (or convert the ones you have) and pro amplifier systems.

In fact the ones you mention Apart ovo3t APART OVO3T-BL LOUDSPEAKER 40W/16, 1.5/3/6W taps, IP40, black ARE intended to be used in 100V line installs.

Remember to obtain/ensure the pub has the correct licences for the public performance / copyrights, too.


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Unfortunately there isn’t really much money in the budget as they’ve had a difficult couple of years, for obvious reasons.

The equipment is what they have been given/already have so they would like to make do with it for now, until they can afford to upgrade it, and it will be a lot better than what they currently have setup, which is 1 very old speaker in each room and a very cheap amp. It sounds awful.

It is just for audio and no need for microphone/PA

The bar and restaurant will be fine at the same volume as it’s only going to be background music.

The tap room will sometimes use a different source and at a different volume which is why I plan on making it zone 2, as the amp is capable of doing that.


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