Is it my Tosh or the Telewest Box?

Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by Bimbeemer, Feb 15, 2002.

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    Feb 15, 2002
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    Need a bit of advice about this weird to this forum so bare with me if this has been covered elswewhere...

    Got a 29" Toshiba Pro-logic tv with a telewest pace digital box...hooked up via good quality scart cable.

    What i'm finding is the picture seems to be truning green on some channels....the blacks have a strange greenish tint and the colours just don't look right...i've tried messing about with the contrast, colur , tint etc but to no joy....

    If i switch the tv back to viewing via the normal ariel its perfect and the colours look as they should so i'm guessing its not the tv's fault...i've tried changing scart cables....unpluggin the dvd...reinstalling the lot....still no joy....

    the picture on the (sharp via s video cable)) dvd is ok but not amazing....fair bit of blockiness...and again the dark area's just don't seem right....

    Any idea's anyone....or maybe tips on how to setup the tv's colour properly......
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    I've had the problem you describe when the scart lead's been loose on the NTL Pace Dig box.

    Sounds like you could have a fault on the scart socket. You could try connecting it to a portable TV that would rule out the TV's scart socket. If same problem then it's the Pace box and time for a visit from a Telewest engineer.

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