Is it me or is it ZEN ????


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...I've been with ZEN isp for about 3 years with their 'up to 8meg service' - (one of the supposedly better isp's - won loads of 'awards' ect)....

When I started I could get about 3 to 3.5 -- this has gradually whittled down over this time to ever lower and lower speeds when tonight when did a speedtest I got my lowest ever 0.7 speed..... I can usually get about 1.1 /1.2....

When phoning them they suggested 'change all your micro filters' - I did that and (you guessed it ) exactly the same...

My router (hard wired - not wireless) and 2 PC's are as they have always been - unchanged....

Average national speed with ZEN is about 3 to 4+ for most users...

My internal wiring and connection are unchanged ...

Why is my speed getting ever slower.....?
Is it ZEN ?
Could it be my router ?
Should I opt out and go to another ISP ?
Should I take an overdose and forget about it ???? :)

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It is possible that your line profile's target margin (the noise margin your router will aim to sync at) has crept up -this is managed by BT wholesale's Dynamic Line Monitoring system which increases the target margin if there is a high error rate, which results in a reduction in sync rate.

You can find out the current target margin by checking the router's stats immediately after it connects.
(BTW set a minimum of 6dB and a max of 15dB)

It is also possible that the condition of your line has deteriorated.

Improving your internal wiring can reduce noise on your line boosting the signal to noise ratio, reduce errors, and eventually result in the DLM reducting the target margin and an increase in sync rate. See ::. Kitz - Improve your adsl connection speed .::
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>>>>have you done a master socket test to rule out that its not your internal wiring

...I have NOT done this...... BUT my question - If nothing has changed with my internal wiring or connections and I used to get 3 /3.5 - it can't be MY wiring - that's still the same...?

Does wiring get worse and slower with age - that's a new one on me ??


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Does wiring get worse and slower with age - that's a new one on me
Wiring won't normally deteriorate due to age to the extent that it affects signals however CONNECTIONS DO.

So, make a note of your LINE SPEED as reported by your router. Then connect the router to the Test Socket and reboot it. If you get an INSTANT increase in Line Speed, you have an Internal Wiring problem. If the line speed remains low, call your ISP.


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I'm with Zen too and just noticed the recent slow speeds! Actually the reason why I'm checking this forum is to search for any alternatives out there.

Apart from the speed, turns out the the 25gb limit is always a close call every month and I'm pretty tired/fed up of constantly monitoring my current limit.

So guys, I'm open for alternatives!! Be is not available at my exchange and I don't have Sky or wish/intend to get sky

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