Is it me or has the cricket on Sky Sports HD1 lost its quality?


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Just flicking through the channels and decided to look at the cricket score on SSHD1, and its not as clear as it used to be. OK, the picture is still better than SS1, but the graphics are not as sharp as they use to be, take for example the info bar at the bottom of the screen is now basically the same as the SD channel. Anyone else seen a reduction in quality in the HD cricket. I even had to check to make sure it was still in HD, and the info ells me it is.

I'm running my HD box through a Pio 506XDE, using QED component cables and in the past it has always looked great, anyone else thinking this?



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I think that because they are highlights they are only in SD. As according to other threads on here they don't have the storage to broadcast the highlights in HD as well.


When I got home my Dad had the cricket on and it took me a few minutes to realise it was on SS1 - seemed to me SS1 was better than it was whilst HD1 was as good as ever :)


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mark800 said:
You have to watch it live. Absolutely brilliant quality - a real highlight of Sky HD.

I have watched it live, however, thinking about it, I tuned in about 5pm, so it was probably the highlights and like someone said due to them not having the storage to show HD.
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