Is it likely that the yamaha 2400 will outperform my Pioneer VSX 2011?


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Ok, when i bought my Pioneer last year I was thrill to bits with the performance. However, for a while now I am a bit bored and realised that there are areas where there is alot of room for improvement especially in surround or stereo.

Originally, I had a Yamaha 795a and the 5.1 performance good ambience, precise and all involving in surround sound. I now find the pioneer a bit flat, uninspiring and direct compared to yamaha in surround. And thats the main reason I still have the yamaha in the living room. However, the one area that the pioneer excels is in analog 6-channel mode.

Currently, the yamaha 2400 is at £650 which is £70 less than Pioneer. I am seriously thinking about changing/ upgrading my receiver?

On paper, the Yamaha has better features: audio delay , 8 channel multichanel external, video upconversion and 120w*7 and 2 subwoofer terminals. While the pioneer has usb 2.0 audio.

Do you think its a wise move? before I have an audition.


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I wouldn't do it. The move one one receiver to another in a similar price bracket is unlikey to give significant gains. If you want to improve performance, depending on your speakers, I would consider a power amp.

You have run MCACC haven't you and realise you can tweak those settings as much as you like? The last way I would describe my 2011 is flat and uninspired.

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