is it ever sacricing pic quality for better sound quality


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does any one one on here think it is ever worth sacrificing picture quality for better sound, e.g. face/off dts horrible picture but great sound.

i myself i don't think this is ever worth it, i would rather have a package with both good picture and sound e.g. face/off dolby digital.


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I'm more into the sound advantages of DVD rather that the picture.

I've always thought that picture quality from normal tv broadcasts was OK for my humble eyes, but I love tweaking my amp/speakers/etc to get the best possible sound from a good dts encoded film.


I dont think that either should be sacrificed....... my view is that extras should be sacrificed and the film itself made as good as posssible.



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I am getting behind buns on this one! :blush: :D :eek: :devil:

I think the max amount of space should be handed over to the picture & sound.... extras are what 2 disc sets etc are for in my opinion! :D


I agree with Kirk and buns.
DVD is all about pic and sound quality. Extras in my opinion are just a bonus - interesting initially but I rarely watch them again and as Kirk said a second disc can be provided for the extras.


Could not agree more, I very rarely watch any extra's, and if I do it's only the once!


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I also concur..


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I agree with Kirk, Buns etc, with DVD9's it is possible to have the best bitrate for picture, DTS/DD5.1 and all the extras, why make a dvd9 utilising just about 2/3rds (sometimes less) of the space available and produce a poor picture, if we wanted that we would have stayed with VHS (lol).




not often i have a queue behind me! :D

I do believe this point has been debated in one form or another in the past...... there are still many people who are very keen on extras. Unfortunately the simple truth is that an extra packed disc comes across better to the general public than a bare bones quality transfer.



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I think that on music dvd's most of the room available
on the disc should be taken up by the soundtrack preferably
a high bitrate dts one.
After watching the videos or a live concert I usually leave
the telly off when I play the discs again and just listen to
the music.
A good example of soundtrack over video is Queen's
Greatest Video Hits Vol. 1.
I don't think I'll ever watch those horrid vids again!!!

I have to admit, i am a big believer in the audio side of things....

Get the right combination & the results are utterly brilliant.

Hate to be without my audio.


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