Is it better to use SSD drives?


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I currently have two external hard drives, one is samsung and one is seagate. Both are 2TB and I think I paid around £70 each on amazon a couple of years ago for them.

I can't help but worry that some day they are going to stop working as end of the day they have mechanical parts in them. I do try to keep them backed up but not always on top of it.

I have been reading up on SSD drives but I want to understand if they are better for durability and not just speed?



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SSDs have no moving parts so they are very unlikely be damaged if they are dropped (unlike mechanical HDDs). However the read write memory does have a finite number of read write cycles, so they will eventually fail. In normal use this is estimated to be about 10years of average use inside a PC. So they still aren't an excuse not to do backups


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Don't get the idea that you can chuck external SSDs around with impunity. They're basically computer memory chips on a PCB inside a casing, and can easily break. That said, you can get external SSDs which are toughened up to protect them more.

All SSDs degrade over time. This is a function of the silicon, rather that the number of read or write cycles. However, as DavidG1 says, they're reliable enough to use as a current back up medium. Also, you need to have a better think about backing up data that's on those external drives.

As an example, the only thing I really back-up are documents (small files) and photos (bigger files). I have my archive on SSDs within two computers in different locations, on an external SSD and also in the cloud. Many are also on my phone, in the cloud and on one of my computers' drives.

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