is it better to plug blu ray player into onkyo 608 or straight into telly ??

jack h

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hi guys going to get a new bluray player like the sound of the panasonic bdt 310 with the twin HDMI ports , my question is i have a onkyo 608 amp and a panasonic TX-L37D25B what would be best use the 2 HDMI ports as separates I.E one lead into the amp for sound another into the tv for picture or just one lead into the tv ??? any opinions welcome , also if this is in the wrong section sorry !

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You should connect one HDMI lead from the BD to the 608. Then another lead from the HDMI Out on the 608 to the TV. Audio and Video passes down a single HDMI cable and I don't see much advantage in trying to send the signals separately. For all I know it might even introduce sync problems. I think the main point of the 2 HDMI's is if you want to conveniently connect to a second display or receiver. I have the BD210 which is the same player except with only one HDMI out. I'm pleased with it. The second HDMI out on the 310 was of no use to me so I saved the 30 quid.
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