Is it best to avoid "all in one HD" Philips HDTV?

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Some Philips has single modified DVI-I, which used to connects others video connections such as component and VGA. This process requires you to connect component > VGA adapter (supplied by Philips) > VGA to DVI-I (may supplied by Philips) > DVI-I port on the LCD. Unfortunately such TV’s won’t allow me to connect multiple HD equipment so I have keep switching them.

So is it best to avoid these models?


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michaelT1888 said:
i have the setup you are talking about, and it is annoying, but they are really good TVs, but the connections could be better

This is the thing that put me off buying a Philips about 6 months ago
And phoning the Philips customer helpline a couple of times about connectivity issues resulted in being told two different things by two different people....didn't fill me with confidence to be honest.
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It isn't ideal, but there again you could always use an external switch box.

Everytime someone says that one HDMI socket isnt enough for example, the standard response on the forums is "no problem, just buy a switch box".

Well DVI is just the same. Plenty of DVI switch boxes out there.

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