Is It A Good purchase??

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As above really, I've just ordered Sky HD and this is the first time of posting on this particular forum....I have read a mixed bag of comments from everyone, but what is the general assessment of everyone...When it is installed (25/08/06) Will i be totally amazed and think why did I wait so long or wil I think what a waste of £299?????


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Whether it is good value depends on you.

I think it is. I didn't have Sky+ but was a SKy customer , so would have had to have paid £150 for a Sky+ box. Therefore, the Sky HD box only cost me £150.

I've found plenty to watch. I watch a couple of movies a week, at least one sport event, and have watched a few things on bbchd. And now Sky 1 HD is starting to broadcast propoer HD progs i'm watching those.

If you watch stuff, it is worth it, if you don't watch HD stuff then obviously its not.

As to PQ being worth it, i really don't like watching SD material now, so much so, if i think it'll be on in HD i'll avoid watching it in SD and will wait 6 months or watever for the HD to be shown. (That's what i did with plaent earth and bleak house and am banking on for Rome)


I have to absolutely agree I do not want to watch anything but HD, but unfortunately not every programme is in HD.

I think it is great value for money and as and when more programmes are added it will be even better.

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Thanks to you was just a general question as you do read some bad reviews of HD..I have to say I am really looking forward to getting it installed after having seen a preview of the football whilst at the motor is a bit expensive but if you want the best then as we all know it costs!!!!!!


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Just don't expect too much, that has been a problem with a lot of the build up I think and the actual content seemed a bit of a let down. I think that the majority of the HD programmes are very good and allow you to watch a crystal clear picture on a big screen.
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