Is it a good idea to do this...dv88


Just received my DV88 dvd player which is in superb cosmetic and working condition. however it is looking a little dusty from what I can see inside so before I use it any more I would like to remove the outer lid and give it a good clean inside by using a can of compressed air (like for cleaning inside computers) and also thinking of buying a dvd lens cleaner and giving the laser a good clean too as I know these players are 3-4 years old and all my other equipment is brand new.

Would it be safe to do all this without risk to the dvd player from static etc and is it a simple enough job to do or would I need a specialist tool to remove the casing.

Thanks for any advice!
thanks Dom not gonna take anyone to court if they say do it and it blows up lol just after general opinions really and hopefully give t a new lease of life after a quick internal clean :lesson:


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A further note on laser lens cleaning. Buy a wet dry system and one someone can recommend like the Milty one for instance. Bad cleaners can scratch the lens. Also many try to get at the laser themselves with a cotton bud/alcohol and simply 'clean' the laser out of calibration.

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