Is it a Garmin 1340 or 1340T?


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Oct 7, 2006
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It says 1340T on the box but 1340 on the bottom of the unit next to the serial number. Before I send it back how do I determine if it is one or the other?
I think the T just means that traffic alert is included.
It should be included but is there a way of determining if it is? It doesn't have the Traffic option in the settings and neither does it display the sign which indicates that it's running. According to the manual it should start automatically but it shows no sign of doing so.

Is there a way of making sure whether or not Traffic is included?
If it doesn't include traffic option in the settings then it seems there is something wrong there. I thought even the 1340 was capable of receiving the traffic alerts, but you had to buy the power supply with the integrated receiver and a subscription to the service to use it and these were included out of the box on the 1340T.
Nuvi 1340T is the exact same model as the 1340. In the box you will have a thin cable with some plastic suckers attached, this is the traffic reciever and plugs into a socket on the power cable.
The model is in fact the 1340 and if I want the Traffic System I'll have to buy a separate cable.

Thanks for all your help.

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