Is internet best place to buy TV's of inconsistent quality


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It seems buying a 50" GT30 is a lottery. Some people have great sets with little IR and no noticeable green tinge, whilst others get either green tinge and/or bad IR.

When choosing between which store to buy in this lottery,I think I am right in saying that the internet with it's 30 day no questions asked returns policy is the best place to buy.

When I have spoken to High street stores and asked what would happen if I get IR or Green tinge with a brand new set, rather than take it back no questions asked it appears that they are much more inclined to either want to fix it in your home, or say that the problems are acceptable and not do anything or if they do take it back they charge a restocking fee; .

If this is the case then this is highly unexpected as I have previously considered high street to offer better service. With the net it means I can try sets until I find one that is a gem :)


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There's no doubt that the Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs) offer a distinct advantage over purchasing from the High Street when it comes to returning unwanted items.

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