Is in-ceiling placement of rear & sides possible for 7.1 system?


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Installer I am working with says they have installed thousands of systems with in-ceiling rears & sides and that the sound does not suffer significantly. The room I am trying to use is really challenging (window immediately behind seating, no wall on the entire left side of room (opens to kitchen). Options other than in-ceiling are pretty dubious.

Has anyone experienced a 7.1 or 5.1 system with the surrounds all in-ceiling? Did it work?



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It's not the best speaker position for surrounds and rears but with your description of the room it may very well be the best compromise. Many in ceiling speakers have tweeters that can be angled towards the MLP which will go some way to offsetting the positional problem. What is ruled out because of using those speakers for surrounds is an upgrade to Atmos.

You have to weigh up a compromised audio performance against no surround performance. No doubt you'll soon get use to it once installed.

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