Is HD Audio all that?

hey guys,

I`m thinking of taking the jump into HD audio. I`m just wondering if its all that and what is the notable difference to say DTS? Surely you would`nt benefit from hd audio unless you had the speakers to match? as ive heard people saying they have hd audio and are pairing there amp up with speakers like jamo`s etc budget setups.

i have a budget of around 300 - 400 for a hd amp does anyone have any recommendations? as im completly clueless when it comes to HD amps.

im after something that really is value for the benjamen`s.

thanks for viewing!

Rich Marshall

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Logic would suggest that a good quality DTS setup should outperform a budget DTS-HD system. Maybe that's why SACD and DVDA never took off all that well. A speaker/amp upgrade makes a bigger improvment.

But if you can get HD decoding, you may as well have it

That's just my take on it though.


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exactly :smashin:

youve got to at least be in the same price points to compare IMO

hence people still picking up things like Arcam AV9s and Meridian boxes for bargain prices as they still sound better in 5.1 Dolby Digital, than a £400 system

but if you are going to buy a £400 receiver, then you may as well get the best available, with HD audio as most have now ...or see what you can get 2nd hand for £400 ...with that budget, a 1 year old £1400 receiver should be available with HD etc like an Onkyo 905 ...which will defo sound better than a £300-400 one :smashin:

Member 116841

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The obvious choice at that price is the Onkyo and Yamaha AV amps, and Denon will shortly have their new models available too. You can't really go wrong with any of them.

As for whether it's worth it, it does normally come down to whether the system will show the benefit. With a £400 amp and a good set of £500ish+ speakers, there will be a benefit. Which speakers do you have? Even if your current speakers weren't quite up to the job, a new amplifier that can deal with HD audio will benefit you greatly if you decide to replace them.

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