Is Google broken? (or is it me?)


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Every Google link I click on tonight is coming up with errors like the following :

Google said:
404. That’s an error.
The requested URL /go?3716382 was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
Is it me / my PC or is Google not working? :)


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Hmm, just cleared the cache and it's fine now - either that cured it or it was a short-term issue at Google's end and it cleared itself :)

Many thanks :smashin:


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Hmm, this is weird.

The PC is now doing this every night. No other issues to report. Seems to be working fine, then I'll 'Google' something, and all the results come up with similar errors to the photo above. Closing every instance of Chrome in the Task Manager, using the options in Chrome to clear the cache, saved pages, e.t.c. seems to cure temporarily.

Plenty of room left on all HDDs, and don't quite understand why it is doing this, kinda annoying really since I spend a lot of time using Google :)

Any ideas?! :smashin:

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