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Is Freeview without a fixed TV aerial possible?


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Is it possible to receive Freeview without a fixed TV aerial? I have seen some digital aerials for sale, but unsure if they really worked? The place I need signal is fairly remote. Thanks chaps,



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Yes but.

My rule of thumb is that if it is described as a "digital" aerial, they have added £5 to the price of an inferior aerial and having "HD" on the packaging adds another tenner.

If it is shaped like a loop. flat panel, picture frame or anything other than a mini version of an outdoor aerial, ignore it. Which? magazine tested several and they recommend either the Philex SLX Gold Digitop or the Telecam TCE2000 Amplified versions of these are available which MAY help in low signal areas.

You can probably glean a lot by looking round the area. If every house has either a satellite dish or a large roof mounted aerial, its very likely that the signal is so low you will be wasting your money.
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My rule of thumb is "only if you can see the transmitting mast out the window"!

A bit of a generalisation, but hopefully you get the drift. :D

If you come back with your postcode, we'll let you know...


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Without some idea as to your location, it is very difficult for anyone to give real advice. The fact that you regard your location as "remote" may, or may not, be an indication that the signal in the area is low, because it all depends upon what sort of remote location it is, and where.

Take two possible extremes:

1 If you happened to be somewhere on a remote hilltop, it could be that a high power transmitter is just visible on clear days on another remote hilltop 20 miles away so the signal could still be very strong and may be receivable with fairly simple aerials.

2 If, however, you are in a remote deep valley somewhere and there is a high power transmitter only a mile or two away, but on the other side of the next hill, you could struggle to get anything even with a top grade outdoor aerial.
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