Is freeview mostly widescreen?


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Is freeview mostly widescreen. My dad was considering getting it. His tv is an old 4:3 tv which doesn't even have a scart socket.
Would this mean that most of the programs would be squashed up. (widescreen squashed int0 4:3)
Is it only really worth having if u have a widescreen tv?

Any advice apreciated.



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There's more WS on freeview than there is on analogue.

Most of the BBC channels show nearly 9/10 programs WS.
A lot of C5 is WS
2/3 of C4 is WS
50% of ITV is WS*

Don't think the 3 Sky channels are WS?!

Anyway, broadcasters are going to be showing more not less WS.

I have an old OnDigital STB and there's a setting for what type of TV it's being used on. IIRC choices are similar to a DVD player (4:3, 4:3 letterbox, and 16:9)

You don't need a new WS TV to benefit from freeview, but it helps!

* those figures look a little optomistic :confused: but about right for peak time viewing.


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You can set the STB/adaptor to 4:3 or 4:3 letterbox, so no it won't look squashed.

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