Is Freeview done over coax or RF?


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I have been wondering this for a long time. I have cabling in the walls of my home like most homes. I run freeview from these cables. But are these cables RF or coax or are they both the same thing? Are they RG-6 or RG-59 coax cables? I have sky HD so what about the cables connected to the satellite dish, are they another type of RF/coax?

Any help much appreciated

Many thanks in advance


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Coax cable is the type with a central core and an outer braided shield, as apposed to wires that run side by side, they will usually be used to carry a video signal as the outer sheald protects the video signal in the centre from interference, there are many grades and typed of coax, digital signals from a sky or freesat box will need the higher grade, if you strip the end of the cable and the core wire is about 1mm and there is a a copper or silver coloured foil bettween the core insulation and sheald then it could well be ok for sky ect, but if the central core is thin and there is no foil this will be no good for digital signals, RF just means radio frequency but was a term used for coax leads of any description. It is not usual to bury coax into the wall.

if running some new cable use or wf100 or wf125


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My apartment does.

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