Is FreeSat recording to a NAS a thing?


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Hi all, I currently have a Humax 2Tb box but when I move to a new abode I want to be able to access recordings from around the house. If possible, I don't want to have to be in the room where I recorded a show to be able to watch it.

I've already got a 6Tb Synology NAS with a bunch of media on it that I can access from any networked TV in the house and want to do more with it in the future.

So - is there a solution out there that can record programmes (including via series link etc) from either a satellite dish or terrestrial aerial? I'd ideally like it to do so over an ethernet cable but USB is a viable alternative. Is there an off-the-shelf box that would suit these requirements or will it be a lot more involved if it's even possible at all?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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Yes there is.
Vbox Xti series.
Both freeview and freesat, models as well as one covering both.
They take in aerial ( dish or terrrestrial) and output onto a lan connection.
They can record onto a network debice such as NAS.
They do series link recording, although not very well as they just use times from EPG, but you can pad out at start and finish.
You can record in HD, but I recall that only one sat tuner us dvb-t2. An Israeli company, quite helpful answering queries.


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Humax Foxsat-HDR - with the Custom Firmware and Nowster patch - and the Humax Fox-HDR-T2 with CF also are the only boxes that can do what you want.
Both are pretty ancient now.

Enigma boxes or custom media PCs do the same / similar with a variety of plug-in tuner modules. BUT these boxes are NOT freeview nor freesat - in that they aren't licensed and run customised firmware images.
The sat side can't access the freesat EPG (encrypted) as a result, so special internet provided services are used instead for EPG data.

They are unlikely to be plug and play and will need regular fettling as services move transponder frequency etc.,.

HDHomeRun is one DVB-T2 device that may be more plug and play but needs a subscription for recording I believe (I'd consider that a big fat NO). Also not Freeview certified.

To be frank with the UK broadcaster catchup and live streaming services now available, a lot of these PVR type facilities are slowly becoming defunct.

These options have been discussed before so use the site search feature to find some recommended systems / users?

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