Is edge light bleed fixable, even by a pro? (Samsung KS9000)


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I've got a 65" Samsung KS9000 that was purchased new in 2017, so it's been in use for 5 years. Old, but not that old.

Over the last year, some small points of light bleed on the bottom edge have begun to spread. I'm also noticing uneven light all around the bottom, especially in dark movie scenes.
bleed 01.jpg

bleed 02.jpg

bleed 03.jpg

bleed 04.jpg

From what I've read, this is due to panel separation, which is theoretically fixable if someone who knows what they're doing (not me) could open the TV get things lined back up.

Is this worth exploring, or should I just start researching another TV?

I don't mind spending some money if it will buy me a few more years, and save me from hours of research and installation.

Thanks for your advice!

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