Is DVD RAM file better quality for PC editing than DVD_R ?


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If I dubb to DVD-RAM from the HDD footage off the TV, is there any difference in quality of this compared to if i do this to DVD-R ?

Is the advantage of RAM simply ease of transfer to PC or does it give a purer file with which to edit in VideoReDo, Premiere or whatever. I know that avi is best but try getting avi from a panny EH50 !

If I run a VHS or S-VHS or Hi8 captured footage taken to PC via DVD-RAM through VideoReDo's Quickfix to sort out any audio/visual sync problems, and the very helpful guys there suggest I do this, I get an mpeg file before I even start erasiing ads etc, then I do a file save and get an mpeg file. The former though isnt quite playable apart from in VideoReDo.

Is this doubling aberrations and lessening quality I wonder. I tried editing direct from the DVD-RAM to skip one mpeg stage incase it did, but the DVD drive isn't as good as a HD for keeping up at times with my tooing and froing !

If I chapter up a DVD-RAM if its possible ?...(failed to do so on a DVD-R !) will those transfer off onto a PC unlike DVD for combining with other footage from another capture session, or is it best to keep chapter making for the PC where scrubbing etc is more accurate and easier to type chapter descriptions !



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No, there's no difference in quality.
DVD-RAM is the better choice for while you are using the disc to record on - more editing possibility, record and watch at the same time etc. You could argue, however, that it is more difficult to convert from the DVD-RAM format (vro?) than a normal finalised DVD-R format (traditional VIDEO_TS folder with vobs). And you would need a PC with a drive that can read DVD-RAM discs. All DVD drives will read DVD-R's.


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